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Man, I'm a bad reviewer.  Someone asked me a few weeks ago what a good present might be for someone recently diagnosed with cancer.  My best idea, aside from bringing over a home cooked meal, is to send a few cookbooks.  I went to see Rebecca Katz, cookbook author and chef, speak at Fox Chase Cancer Center in November.  Her cookbook, One Bite At A Time, was very helpful for me when I was going through treatment.  Since writing that one, she has also published another one, called The Cancer Fighting Kitchen.  I still use her recipes (I especially like her steel-cut oatmeal) in my kitchen even though I've finished treatment. 

Long time no review. Sorry I've been neglectful.
As we near the end of summer and move towards my favorite season of fall, I am going to be needing to adjust my hair care regimen, mostly because it will eventually be too cold to go out with a wet head at 8 am.  I highly recommend the following hair care products:

alba natural hawaiian shampoo
This shampoo not only smells like Hawaii, but it makes your hair super soft and manageable.  Also, it is free of SLS/Parabens/Pthalates and all that good stuff.

giovanni hair glue
Hair glue? (You may be thinking.)  It's fabulous for us curly haired ladies, who just want to ignore the frizz and let it do it's thing.  You can grab it at WF and it lasts a long time.  Enjoy!

Looks like we're on a once a month schedule here.  Today I am thinking about food.  We FINALLY got some decent FroYo in our town, after all of my years without it.  My personal favorite is Yogorino, in Center City (Philadelphia).  Their yogurt is thick and creamy and not at all low fat.  Since it's not that convenient to pop over to grab some, I often enjoy making my own desserts and treats.  But, I recently  discovered these Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt popsicles at the Fresh Market in a nearby neighborhood, because sometimes you need dessert after your kids are in bed, and I ate them all in 3 days.  They're not too sweet (low sugar), but not tart, either.  Juuuust right.  Look for them in your supermarket.  If you don't see them, start asking for them!

D-Day (aka Diagnosis Day).  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  In honor of preventing a secondary cancer, I am an avid sunscreen applier and wearer.  See below for my daily moisturizer, which includes 40 spf.  However, it's pricey and I can't use it all over.  I use the EWG Guide as a reference, and our local health food store has better prices than Whole Foods when it comes to refilling our stash.  But I highly recommend all of the following sunscreens, for kids and adults:
Alba 45 SPF
Kiss My Face 30 spf spray lotion - Just as easy and misty to apply as the pressurized sprays
Kidsport All Terrain 30 spf (Judah loves the characters on the packaging)
I use this on my scars, ears and any place extra sensitive. It smells like tropical deliciousness.

Sorry it's been a while.  Work got in the way.  By request, today I am telling you about my FAVORITE makeup.  Jane Iredale makes the best in the world.  It's clean (paraben-free) and mineral based.  I only use the pressed powder and the moonglow bronzer (I use very little makeup), but people are constantly telling me how radiant and glowing I am (when I wear it...).  Also, because Sephora is fun, you can find a few clean lines in there, too.  Bare Minerals has some great lip glosses and mascaras which are reasonably priced.

I'm sure there are lots of great organic options out there, these are just the best ones I've tried.

I have cut out the cheap-o nail salons (can you say poison in the air?) and gone to either painting my own nails with the Whole Foods polish (no-miss) or visiting the incomparable Tierra Mia Organic Nail Salon in Philadelphia.  In a pinch, Zoya will do, too.  I'd rather splurge on a non-toxic nail experience that stays on forever and a day, then go into a place where the nail artists must wear masks.  At Tierra Mia, basically all of the products they use on you are edible and the polish is long lasting.  If you're wondering about other products that I've tried (and tossed), please shoot me an email or comment below and I'd be happy to help you out!  Maybe one day, these companies will stop trying to poison us (uh, hello?  Johnson and Johnson??)...


Today was windy but sunny.  Seemed like a good day to review a moisturizer.

Seriously, I should be earning commission on this stuff by now.  It is not cheap, no doubt.  But it's worth every pretty penny.  Makes you glow without being greasy, has spf, doesn't clog pores.  Perfecto.

Bubble Bath
Bubble Bonanza
As requested, I'm suggesting the best dye-free, toxin-free bubble bath we've tried.  No gross colors or fake scents or alcohol to dry out sensitive young (or old) skin.  Lotsa bubbles, happy kid, happy mom.  Enjoy.


Warm, hints of coconut sweetness (but not sticky vanilla) made of a blend of natural waxes and essential oils.  I don't want to wear any other perfume, #1 because breathing in the spray irritates my airways and #2 because who knows what kind of chemicals are in those little bottles?  This is paraben-free, vegan, and  no artificial colors.  Plus it's only $9 at Sephora!

Most Best Dryer Sheets Of The World:

Currently there are no babies in my house.  But the smell that comes from these dryer sheets is pure heaven.  Plus you can re-use them.  I think they're good for putting in sock drawers, linen and clothes closets, making everything smell like rice milk and mallow.  It's all sweet and not in a sticky vanilla way, just warm and fuzzy.  Much better than bounce and good for the sensitive skin folks in your house.
PS. There is also a baby wash of the same scent.  Can you imagine bathtub fresh baby smelling the same way?  Trouble.

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