Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stars Aligned

Wanna see a real star?  this pic's from here

As promised, here's tonight's breaking news:

As per a super cool friend's recommendation, I've been reading yet another long Indian saga (on my final renewal), Toss of a Lemon, where much of the story revolves around major milestones foretold by the stars (and actually occurring as predicted).  It got me to thinking, I could just have my stars read and see into the future, just like I always wanted (and those damn doctors refused to do!!!).  

Behold a brief review of my life, based upon the location and exact time of my birth (and how it relates to the alignment of the stars).  You may also enjoy my personal commentary (in gray) and keep in mind that I did all of this research into my future yesterday, a Tuesday.  Give it a whirl yourself, if you like...

At the time of your birth, the configuration was Pisces Ascendant ( Lagna ) rising along with Libra Navamsa and Cancer Dreskana in the third Pad of Uttara Bhadrapada. This is undoubtedly an excellent combination, which assures you of a full life of plenty and prosperity. Supplementing the property you will inherit will be your sizeable income (No, for realz?). Which means you can be wealthy. (sounds good to me)
          A decent, honest, upright individual, you have the necessary qualities to rise high in life, even make a mark for yourself. Given the will and single-minded devotion, you can make good use of the openings that will come your way. (Yes, yes, I agree with all of this)
          Not only do you have the push and drive to pursue your projects, you know how to get on with others. You will become a pet of those in power which will enable you to progress smoothly (a pet??). In the event of any opposition, you are sure to get past it with ease.
          Of reserved nature, you are a puzzle to others as well as to yourself (ok, here's where we start to lose focus - I have never been, nor will I ever be, of reserved nature). Sometimes you are yourself not too sure about what you are aiming at. This is because you build castles in the air imagining all sorts of rosy things, especially about the opposite sex(wowee). You are so sexy that you give top spot to romance, over and above all other, things in life (bow chicka bow bow). This, coupled with the desire for liquor, can cost you dearly, as you may be enjoying at a time when opportunities will be coming your way (also, if you know me, you will know liquor is not my thing. more of a chocoholic). You have got to strike a balance between business and pleasure.
          Learn to be totally self-reliant. After all, you have the requisite qualities to make a success of your ventures all by yourself. Hence, why depend upon others ? Since you are honest, you expect others also to be in the same mould. But you will realise that when the chips are down, those who had earlier given a solemn assurance to stand by you, are not living up to their word. So, make a clear demarcation between business and friendship and treat each separately. (hmmm.)
          Your health will no doubt be good, but as age advances you may be prone to diseases like rheumatism, jaundice and hernia. Take preventive steps by consulting your doctor periodically. (not a single mention of an errant blood cell? faulty prediction, magic astrologers...)
          Get over your weaknesses and get going with your work with determination to ensure a happy home. You will be lucky to have a good spouse and promising children and grandchildren, all of whom will treat you with regard, affection and respect. (children!!  plural!! oh, and respect is good, too.)
          The colours that favour you are yellow, orange, red and rose. Don’t take to blue. (but I love blue!)
          Numbers 1, 3, 4 and 9 will bring you luck. Avoid 8. (NOW. wait a minute.  I thought 8 was my lucky number ever since I was put in group 8 in the 6th grade for color day and the boy I had a major crush on was in the same group.  I'm stickin with 8.)
          Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are your days. you can attend to major assignments on those days. The other four days are not propitious.

Good thing today's Tuesday.

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  1. Bahaha, I'm on my final renewal as well. The first half was awesome, and now I'm stuck forcing my way through the last 40 pages. I will be just sick if nothing dramatic happens at the end since it is so much work to get there!

    Love the commentary ^^ :)