Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Year

Happy Fall, my bloggy friends. A friend wrote me an email the other day, saying that she was catching up on my blog, which alerted me to the fact that I haven't written on here since May. Yikes! Though I'm not sure I have anything truly profound to share, an update seems in order.

Today is the first day of Autumn. Later this week Dan and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary alongside Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. School began a few weeks ago and I have been a bit overwhelmed trying to get my schedule together, as I have been assigned to work with teachers in 3 different schools, on 3 different projects, with 3 different schedules and 12 teachers in total. Add that to no parking available in Center City (Philadelphia) and you have a bit of a puzzle for me to solve.

I have good feelings about the upcoming year. My friend Patti and I are working on sending out messages of positivity into the universe, willing things to come into our lives. I mean, we are seeking new houses, feelings of peace, less financial worries, you know, that whole everything-will-be-okay sensation.

Last week, I saw my oncologist last week at my 6 month check up. We waited for more than 40 minutes in the exam room to see him and I was getting a little annoyed at what felt like wasted time, until I realized that someone else was having a problem. It's not like the doctor was out having coffee. Someone else was in need and my only issue was having to wait too long to see him. As Glennon Doyle Melton likes to say: perspectacles.

We are now coming up on 4 years since treatment. September 30 will be exactly 4 years since the final round of chemo, and this December will make 4 years since radiation. 4 YEARS. Judah is in 2nd Grade, a big and real person. We traveled to Toronto and Niagara Falls this summer, and will hopefully have a few more adventures in 5775 (2014-2015). It's all a work in progress, the parenting, the job, the relationships. And though overwhelming at times, I am lucky to be here in the muck of it all.

This year's mantra is: I am doing my best, I am doing my best.

Sending out love and apples and sweet thoughts to you and your family. L'shana tova!