Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Fish Who Swims and A Woman With Low IQ

We are now 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Just yesterday, we found out that our efforts were successful and Little Fish has turned back head down! Now we need to have him fast before he discovers he can swim back the other way.

For future reference, we exhausted the following list of ways to turn a breech baby last week, but I cannot say which did the trick:

- burned moxibustion sticks near my pinky toes
- swam/did hand stands in the warm therapy pool at the Ambler Y (don't believe me? I had a witness)
- placed a bag of frozen peas on the top of my belly while playing lovely music and shining a flashlight near the bottom...
- acupuncture
- massage/reflexology
- chiropractor/webster technique
- inversion positions c/o spinning babies
- visualization

Thus the c-section, previously scheduled for tomorrow, has been cancelled and now we are back to the regular waiting game. I promise to keep the world posted. Hopefully we will have a February baby!

And on a completely different note, I present to you an exchange I had with a woman I never met in an elevator this afternoon.
Stranger: Oh, I was just about to ask you what you were carrying, but then I realized what you’re carrying! Ha ha ha.
Me: Ha ha.
Stranger: When are you due? Tonight?
Me: Tomorrow.
Stranger: What are you having?
Me (thinking – Um, A BABY?): A boy.
Stranger: Oh, I had three boys!
Me: Yes, I have a boy at home.
Stranger: How old is he?
Me: Almost 8.
Stranger: Oh, I did it better than that (yes she really said that), I had mine all within 3 and 1/2 years of each other.
Me: Well, we started trying for this baby 6 years ago.
Stranger (ignoring me): One of my sons has an 8 1/2 yo and a 3 1/2 yo. It’s bad because they have different interests. One wants to play baseball while the other one wants to color.
Me: You can have that with any 2 children.
Stranger: Hmm. Well, good luck!
Please excuse the all caps but SERIOUSLY, LADY?? WHO SAYS THIS TO SOMEONE THEY’VE NEVER MET? THE DAY BEFORE THEIR DUE DATE? HOW DO YOU TIE YOUR SHOES IN THE MORNING?? Any explanation you can offer as to why some people have no filter would be appreciated.

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