Thursday, September 6, 2012

'S Wonderful

Oh, happy day!  Here's a gratitude list.

1.  Judah got onto the bus without even turning around for a wave.

2. My oncologist told me I'm doing "so wonderful" and I shouldn't come back to see him for another 6 months.

3.  I got my work assignment for the majority of the year and it is 13 minutes from my home.

4.  Revenge was taken on 2 MEAN drivers on Broad Street this morning by tweeting their photos to the general public.


5.  My favorite nurse, Priscilla, gave me a painless blood draw.

6. Judah's kindergarten teacher emailed parents at his prep time to update us on the day.  Not quite as good as having a K-Cam (fly on the wall), but more than I expected!

7.  Speaking of flies, I assembled a fruit fly trap that works!  There were at least 50, now there are none.

8.  A delicious indian lentil stew that's cooking in the crock pot for dinner.

9.  95.7 fm played Parents Don't Understand on the radio this afternoon and I remembered 95.7% of the lyrics.

10.  Dan avoided a major migraine last night and is just feeling foggy today (instead of totally incapacitated).

11. Dr. Henry set me up to work with a research assistant to help survey my online support group, in the hopes of gathering data that may help other researchers find a common thread.  26 members have already taken the survey.

12.  Leaving my therapy session today was a waiting room full of people just as screwy as me.

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