Monday, March 26, 2012

Think Small

This recovery period I'm stuck in has brought many challenges.  One of them being that because I have high expectations for myself, I tend to get slightly disappointed when I am unable to meet them.

However.  Tonight, I cooked the 13th meal from Pinterest.  Lucky number 13.

Behold:  Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo.  I made a few adjustments (substituted MimicCreme - unsweetened almond and cashew cream - for fat free half and half, and buckwheat soba noodles instead of plain pasta), and Dan was prepared to lick the pot.

It felt so gourmet and fancy, but was pretty durn easy to prepare.  Nothing like a successful dinner to boost the spirits.

PS.  At first bite, Judah declared it delicious.  As soon as he heard what made the sauce such a gorgeous color, he proceeded to request Alternate Dinner #1.

PPS.  If you are intrigued by my incredulous food photography skills and are interested in checking out even more food porn, Pinterest is the place.  If you also need an invite, just say the word in the comments section or email me.  I am more than happy to oblige.


  1. I must admit, as a dinner guest, your dinner #14 was absolutely scrumptious...crepes with spinach and carmalized onions. I will say no more in case you were planning to blog about it! YUMMY, and THANKS!!

  2. Dearest,

    Your food photo skills are incredible. But I am not at all incredulous to see the evidence thereof inasmuch as you are the scion of a pair of primo, even prize-winning, food-photo-skill progenitors, I proudly profess.

    Here's a belated comment on your "Crapshoot" post, on the theme of luck. You really put your finger smack-dab on the fork where the two divergent world views of our time go their opposite ways with regard to luck. One view is essentially that there is no luck factor in your fate; you earn your rewards or punishments, even if it maybe was in a past life that you did something to bring you riches or poverty this time. You get what you deserve, and so it is wrong for anyone, especially the government, to intervene. The other world view holds that one owes gratitude to the universe for whatever blessings one has, no matter how hard one has been working and striving to achieve one's dreams -- and that with that attitude comes the sense that our fate is interwoven with everyone else's and so we express the gratitude by caring and sharing the blessings as we can. If we can collectively act to help all people suffer less and prosper more, then we should, says the second way.

    In keeping with the positive spirit of remission, I won't rant about but only refer to the way these points of view are reflected in the signs carried by people in front of the Supreme Court building this week. The main point is that your reflections about luck offer a key to a far-reaching part of human nature that has a vast impact on which way we are headed together -- or, alternatively, to use a word from the 60's, untogether.

    Love you, da