Tuesday, March 20, 2012


a real vacation

My therapist prescribed a break from Facebook for me.  If you ask me, a real vacation (perhaps back to the home of the locally grown pineapple) would probably be more helpful.  Since we haven't been able to win another contest yet, this will have to do:  a break from the place where everyone puts their best face forward.   

As writer Deborah Dunham puts it,  "It’s not that Facebook itself is harmful–just like PE class wasn’t harmful, but it provides a place for people to indulge in self-destructive behavior, such as showcasing their own weaknesses or comparing their lives to others."

I go through this every few months.  For someone like me (who is working part time), and by "like me", I mean who likes to pile on guilt and self-blame for all of the imperfections in her life, it's easy to keep subjecting oneself to such self-destructive behavior under the guise of staying connected.  Those of you who are actually friends will come to visit here, email, and perhaps we'll actually get together IRL (in real life).  Luckily, I can hang out in this little corner of the internet.  There's plenty of space for all of us, don't you think?

*I certainly don't want to offend anyone, simply enacting a bit of self-preservation.

Gotta keep busy.  Three days a week, I am busy with my new students:  toddlers and families in Philadelphia.  I conduct home visits and provide Early Intervention services for children who show all types of developmental delays (but usually communicative).  It's very, um, interesting. On one hand, I love developing relationships with people and watching these kids grow and learn.  Been doing that for years.  On the other hand, I never did it in their homes before.  Some homes are great - books and thoughtful toys chosen and ready for the playing.  Other homes are just so sad.  Just so, so sad.  

And so I feel that what I'm doing is meaningful, and I hope (fingers crossed) it's productive.  It's not the same as working with a room full of 8 year olds, but these kids present puzzles to solve.  Probably not a forever job, but  a good solution for this recovery era.

If you have any longer term leads, feel free to let me know...

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  1. Great idea to take a break. Your blog is much more interesting.