Sunday, April 15, 2012


What a week.  I'm pretty sure there are few things in the world worse than having to stand by and watching your child in pain.  Maybe being the actual child in pain?  Naaah.  

Judah has come down with a big and bad virus, a version of Coxsackie A, also known as Hand, Foot, and Mouth.  The good news is the sores are just in the mouth.  The bad news is the bad germs took all the force with which they would've bothered the hands and feet and concentrated all of their nastiness into my baby's poor little mouth.  He's had a fever of up to 104 and been medicated for the past 5 days, refused most foods (milkshake for breakfast?  jello for lunch?  chocolate milk for dinner?  slices of monterey jack as our big and strong?  why not!), cried in his sleep, sweat through his sheets 2 nights in a row... FUN TIMES!  This is definitely one of those times when I wish I could remove his pain with a flick of my magic wand and just drag it over to myself.  I remember cheering myself up during treatment that at least he wasn't the sick one.  I can't imagine trying to endure watching my child undergoing that sort of fight.

the Mouse and Blitstein families
That's not to say he wasn't affected.  Illness turns the whole family unit upside down.  However, remember way back last January, when we took a family trip to Disney World?  I had just finished radiation a few weeks earlier, and the week before my first post-treatment scan (the one that would give us preliminary information about how effective the treatment had been), we had been scheduled to go on an all-expenses paid trip to Disney/Universal Studios/Sea World by For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation.
happy kiddo

When I first found out, I remember talking to a woman from FPS on the phone, nodding my head, saying, "Wow, that sounds great.  Uh-huh.  Um-hmm," all the while totally not believing she was telling the truth.  Who in the world wants to give US a free trip to Disney, complete with airfare, park tickets (to all Disney parks, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld), a 3 bedroom house (pool included), a rental car, and a stipend for meals and treats?  It turns out they did.  They do this for many, many families affected by cancer.  Dan discovered them while leafing through one of my People magazines.  Since then, he's stayed true to his vow never to make fun of me reading People magazine ever again.  Our trip (obviously) was wonderful and gave us a true vacation from cancer.

Dan's genius idea for waiting in long lines...

Meeting the Seuss Characters at Universal
Next Sunday, we'll be attempting to return the favor by participating in the For Pete's Sake, Walk! down at Citizens Bank Park (you know, where the Phillies play?), April 22 at 9 am.  Please think about helping us pass on this amazing opportunity to other families in need by sponsoring us and/or joining our team and rounding the bases right along with us!  Click here:  My FPS WALK Page to hook up directly with Team Mama Mia.  Because one person's illness affects the whole family.

chillin w Legos at downtown disney
magic kingdom day #1

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  1. Sending get well wishes to Judah--and wishes for some sleep for you and Dan. What an amazing organization. Straight out of a fairy tale.