Saturday, April 21, 2012

Air is Good.

So is breathing air.  Into your lungs.

It often takes a few days to recover from holding one's breath during the Waiting For Results period.  I am so thankful and happy to report that the news is all good.  All three doctors who were waiting to review the report called me either Thursday afternoon or Friday to give the good news (first the pulmonologist, next my radiation oncologist, and finally my hematologist/oncologist).

Report #1: the undefined spot on my lung in January is gone.  no official report but looks good.
Report #2: "I'm not an official scan reader, but it looks perfect to me."
Report #3: Excellent report, even the dead tissue has shrunken by more than 1 cm since the last scan in January.

I'll take it.

I won't have an actual exam until May 2 with my onc, but I had a deep sense of relief after speaking with Dr. Henry last night.  When I'm feeling short of breath, heart racing, and weird swallowing issues (which he theorized is due to the dead tissue retracting and pulling my esophagus), I must MUST remember that the most thorough scan I just had came with so-called perfect results. Obviously I'd rather not miss an important call, but being able to replay awesome news on a voicemail is priceless (got report #2 that way).

While awaiting the VIC (very important calls), I kept busy.  First, in the morning, I ran a whole bunch of errands with Judah in tow (he is MUCH recovered from the damned coxsackie business but not well enough to go back to school until Monday, we're hoping..).  Next, I went to a work meeting for a new job I'm starting next week (in addition to the early intervention services) working on a research study of kindergarten pre-reading skills. and FINALLY, to one of my all time happiest places:  Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa.  Their products are either edible or completely non-toxic..

warmed organic coconut oil applied with a paintbrush...

exfoliating with coconut shavings...

columbian chocolate tasting menu while you're waiting for your  polish to dry

finished product!
Best way to spend an afternoon of waiting:  someone rubbing your feet and making you smell like Hawaii.

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  1. Loud cheers from the West Coast. And please remind me to visit the nail salon on our next Philly visit.