Wednesday, May 2, 2012


oncology is so fun.
Word of the day: unremarkable.

It's written all over my scan report, which I happened to pick up at my oncology check-up this afternoon.  Quite frankly, it was stunning and hard to believe that this bajillion dollar scan didn't pick up something fishy, like it had on each preceding scan (January 2012, September 2011, July 2011, June 2011, March 2011, January 2011).  Icing on the cake is that my WBC count has finally hit the 4 mark!

After the appointment today, my mom and I went through the report with a fine toothed comb, looking for possible details that Dr. Henry left out of the conversation.  Unable to find anything to get worked up about, we replayed his response to my asking him what he thought about me taking a trip to Tibet this fall.  It fell somewhere between are you out of your cotton pickin mind, lady? and I didn't give you all of those life saving toxins just so you could pick up some infection (I'm pretty sure he used the word worms).  So I took that as a no.  While I was kinda hoping I might get clearance, I also feel a bit relieved (for once) that it's a decision that's out of my hands.  Too stressful.

While the routine at the check-up is so familiar (check in, co-pay, height/weight, meds review, blood draw, wait in exam room..), this was the first time the only anxiety I felt was over what number I would be forced to read on the scale.  The scan was on April 19, and it's taken me since then to fully exhale.

*side note:  the radiologists saw an elevated SUV under my jaw, as apparently I was exhibiting a bit of stress, clenching the muscles in my jaw during the scan. shocking.

But now there's inhaling and exhaling all over town.  Unremarkable is my new favorite word.  Who'd have thought I'd ever want to be boring?

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