Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life's A Bitch

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Or beach.  Whichever you prefer.

This morning, I'm kinda crabby.  Which I'd rather not be, seeing as how the weather is SO perfect right now, if you sit in the shade you can pretend it's California.  My plan is to write my crabbies out of my system. Thus, behold, today's top 10 pet peeves:

1. people who throw trash out the window of their cars (including but not limited to cigarette butts)
2.  NOSY PEOPLE (if you want to know intimate details of someone's life, go buy an US Weekly, or on second thought, READ THE BLOG!)
3.  this leads us to stupid people.  let's face it - everyone can't be a genius or even average.  otherwise there would be no average.
4.  ok, even if someone isn't stupid per se, but perhaps a blurter (speaks before thinks).  she's annoying too.
5.  the phrase, "so you have just the one?"  please, on behalf of all parents of only children everywhere, do not say this to any one of us.  no one kid is JUST anything.
6.  bugs in my house
7.  bug juice (and I'm not talkin camp fruit punch) on the bottom of my flip flop
8.  dog hair (especially those that cover every square inch of my floors, even after I've swept, swiffered and vacuumed)
9.  my reduced lung capacity
10. money, or rather, lack thereof

I think I feel better now.

Do you have any to add?


  1. Thanks, loved the vent. Just reading it makes me feel less cranky. Free room and board in California is always available.

  2. When we bought kitchen chairs, we only bought 3. The salesman kept trying to force us to buy 4...guess he thought that a Mom, Dad and 2 kids was what our family was supposed to look like. I stood my ground, bought 3 chairs and put one side of the table against the wall. It's nobody's business to be critical of a one-child family. Thanks for the quote, Mia, "no one kid is JUST anything"!