Monday, June 4, 2012


soothes the soul, even if you're not in hawaii
Last summer, I started working on feeling grateful.  Kind of a shame I had to work at it, but that's life sometimes.  Every now and then I find I need to return to a gratitude practice.  Some days it's easy to feel angry or frustrated by the ways my life has changed in the past few years.  Other days, I remember where I was and how far I've come.

In honor of a friend who (I found out today) was recently diagnosed with cancer (and to balance out that last list I wrote complaining about pet peeves), I am returning to my practice.

Tonight, I am grateful for:

1.  the ability to make a delicious dinner for my family (coconut curry - my first thai dish!).
2.  my relative good health.
3.  an incredibly supportive, sensitive, and loving husband who reminds me every day why I should be kinder to myself.
4.  the yearbook Judah's teacher sent home today, comparing work from October to work in May.  my tears missed the paper by mere centimeters.  I'm so very grateful he's ours.
5.  fresh produce.
6.  BOOKS!
7.  good friends.  people who know you and like you anyway.  they keep calling even when you forget to call back.  they love you and listen with compassion.
8.  clean, folded laundry.  it's like gaining a whole new wardrobe.
9.  modern technology.  I can video chat with my mom (who lives 5 minutes away..) before bedtime if I need to.
10.  the passage of time.  I'm not sure if time heals ALL wounds, but it definitely helps.

  What's on your list tonight?


  1. same as yours xcept for the laundry thing. I think I'm a grottier kind of person :) xox. SOrry to hear about your friend. Love the poppy amongst the daisies.

  2. Thank you Mia, for your list, for reminding me to look at the one I carry around in my head more often, and for all the people on that list who know me and love me anyway--what a great way of expressing it--like your Mom. Vilma